Learning a language is all about repetition, practice, and use. The more diverse the repetition, practice, and use, the better. Here are some quizzes to practice with. Challenge yourself to complete these quizzes.  Do them even if you think you already know the answers.  Even if your language skills have moved well beyond the content of these quizzes, you are encouraged to still do them.  Remember, when learning a language, the more practice you do, the better.

We will add more quizzes so please check back. The quizzes will be diverse and will approach terms and phrases in multiple ways.



Pronoun Affixes Quiz v1



Numbers 1-10 (English to Otoe-Missouria) v1

Numbers 1-10 (English to Otoe-Missouria) v2

Numbers 1-10 (Otoe-Missouria to English) v1