By definition, adverbs modify verbs or other adverbs.  In the case of Otoe-Missouria, these are either adverbs or adjective-verbs acting as adverbs.  Adverbs precede the verb they modify. For example:


Uxre ragri ke. – You returned home quickly.


When an adjective-verb is used as an adverb, it is not conjugated.  In the following examples, the first two sentences use the term “thrije” as an adjective-verb and it is conjugated as necessary.  In the third sentence, “thrije” is being used as an adjective.  It is not conjugated and comes before the conjugated verb “hamanyi” (I walk).


Thrije ke. – He is slow.

Rithrije ke. – You are slow.

Thrije hamanyi ke. – I walk slowly.


Here are some other examples of adverbs being used in sentences.


Hųnje, hagųnda ke. – Yes, I want it.

Herodada, hįnre ke. – Tomorrow, we will go.