September 2015 Calendar Terms

This page contains the audio for September in the 2015 Otoe-Missouria calendar.

Ta Miną Xemara – September

WEEKS 1 & 2


this – je’e (JEH’-eh)


that (in sight) – se’e (SEH’-eh)


that (out of sight) – ga’e (GAH’-eh)



This is a car. – Je’e namanyi ke/ki. (JEH’-eh nah-MAH-nyee kay/kee)


That is a house. – Se’e chi ke/ki. (SEH’-eh chee kay/kee)


I want that house. – Chi se’e hagųnda ke/ki. (chee SEH’-eh hah-GOOⁿN-dah kay/kee)


WEEKS 3 & 4


medicine – mąnką (MAHⁿNG-kahⁿ)


doctor – waswehi (wah-SWAY-hee)


sacred/holy (inanimate objects or customs) – waxonyitą (wah-XOH-yee-tahⁿ)


sacred/holy (person/people) – waxobrį (wah-XOH-breeⁿ)



Stop that! (talking to one person) – Suhi re! (SOO-hee ray)


Come here. (talking to more than one person) – Huwi re. (HOO-wee ray)


Are you hungry? – Rixranyi? (ree-XRAH-nyee)