April 2015 Calendar Terms

This page contains the audio for April in the 2015 Otoe-Missouria calendar.

Ma K’anye – April

WEEKS 1 & 2



my nephew – hįntosge (heeⁿn-TOH-sgay)


my niece – hįntosgemi (heeⁿn-TOH-sgay-mee)


my grandson – hįntagwa (heeⁿn-TAH-gwah)


my granddaughter – hįntagwami (heeⁿn-TAH-gwah-mee)


my friend – hįntaro (heeⁿn-TAH-roh)




Say it again. – Shige a re. (SHEE-gay ah ray)


Say it slowly – Thrije a re. (THREE-jay ah ray)


I don’t understand. – Upareha skunyi ke/ki. (oo-PAH-ray-hah SKOO-nyee kay/kee)
(The calendar mistakenly lists “Ihapahunge skunyi ke/ki” for “I don’t understand.”  “Ihapahunge skunyi ke/ki” actually says, “I don’t know.”)


WEEKS 3 & 4



my older brother (male speaker) – hįyino (heeⁿ-YEE-noh)


my younger brother (male speaker) – hįnthunge (heeⁿn-THOONG-ay)


my older sister (female speaker) – hįyuna (heeⁿ-YOO-nah)


my younger sister (female speaker) – hįntange (heeⁿn-TAHNG-ay)


my son – hįyinge (heeⁿ-YEENG-ay)


my daughter – hįyunge (heeⁿ-YOONG-ay)




Sit down. (talking to one person) – Miną ne. (MEE-nahⁿ nay)


Sit down. (talking to more than one person) – Minąwi re. (MEE-nahⁿ-wee ray)


Behave. (talking to one person) – Githwe re. (gee-THWAY ray)


Behave. (talking to more than one person) – Githwewi re. (gee-THWAY-wee ray)