Raji ke.  Pi ke!

(As a way to say “welcome” this literally says, “You arrived here.  It is good!”)


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Welcome to the official website of the Otoe-Missouria tribe’s Language Department. Our goal is to preserve and revitalize the Otoe-Missouria language. We have collected a lot of information and this website is a means to make some of that information available.


This website is in the very early stages of its launch which means that there is not much content available yet but content will be added often so please check back. Also, the dictionary available on this site is also in its early stages and is far from complete. Not only that, many of the entries are incomplete. There are thousands and thousands of words in any language and giving entries proper documentation, applying linguistic analyses, cross-referencing them, adding pronunciations, adding notes, etc. takes a lot of time. Like the rest of the website, the dictionary will also be updated often. The idea is to get our information out as quickly as possible and not have to wait until everything is “done” (which will take a very long time).


So enjoy the site, explore a bit, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions, see something that needs correcting, or have something to contribute.